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Children of the Shoah

Children of the Shoah

President: Marina Campos
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The Association Children of the Shoah was established in 1998 and is made up of Jewish Survivors of the deportations, their families, and sympathizers. It has achieved consolidated status on the national level in Italy. It is comprised of volunteers who are committed to ensuring that the horrors of the Holocaust– the physical annihilation and the psychological destruction of six million humans ‘guilty’ only of having been born – will never be forgotten.Among the various projects carried out the following must be noted:

1. The campaign to raise public awareness for the approval of the Law stabilizing that January 27th as the yearly date in which The Holocaust Remembrance Day will be observed starting from 2001.
2. The preview of the film The Last Days, produced by Steven Spielberg in Rome with the President of the Italian Republic Azeglio Ciampi in attendance. Copies of this film were then distributed in schools.
3. Exhibitions:
-Anne Frank (2000) at Castello Sforzesco in Milan
-So As Not to Forget The Holocaust (2001)
-Memory: From Racial Laws to Liberation Milan-Auschwitz-     Venice (2002)
-Memory: The Drowned and The Saved (2003)
-Stolen Childhood (2004) and January 30th 1944 Convoy RSHA Milan-Auschwitz (2005) at Palazzo della Ragione Milano

Since 2000 the exhibitions have drawn in more than 300,000 visitors, most of them school children of all ages and levels.The touring exhibition A Journey in Memory –Track 21 was translated into English and Polish and was shown at the Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau (2006).

In 2007, The Association together with the partners of The Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Milan presented the completed project of a Memorial at the Central Railway Station of Milan with the President of the Italian Republic Giorgio Napolitano attending.

Since 2008, the Association has been collaborating with the Lombardy Schools Board.
Amongst the many other things this Association does is to organize meetings with Holocaust Survivors, debates, seminars and refresher courses for teachers in collaboration with the International Organizations that are devoted to research on the Holocaust.

Since the year it started, The Association Children of the Shoah has wanted to place a strong educational emphasis and moral significance on the Testimonies of the Survivors. Our audience is the new generation, in particular students from Middle and High Schools.
The telling of these tragic events by Survivors of the Holocaust, who experienced the atrocities first hand, is an important tool in opening and awakening the consciousness of young people. They in turn will hand down the Memory of what happened.

The Association offers the use of its three touring exhibitions Destination Auschwitz, Stolen Childhood and A Journey In Memory -Track 21 freely. It has produced two Didactic Multimedia Kits in Italian that are distributed free of charge to schools and libraries.

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